Our Favorite Halloween Marketing Campaigns

The marketing industry loves to show some holiday spirit with seasonal advertisements. With Halloween right around the corner, you’ve probably seen some of these seasonally appropriate marketing campaigns. If you pay attention to the commercials on TV, before too long you’re bound to come across an ad that is fully embracing the Halloween spirit. While the Halloween season isn’t exactly the shopping season, there are still plenty of advertisers that want to add a spooky element to their marketing campaigns.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween themed campaigns this year:

Progressive – “Baker Mayfield Ups the Treats Game”

Progressive and NFL quarterback Baker Mayfield have teamed up on several commercials over the last few years. The main premise of these commercials is imagining that Baker lives in the football stadium he plays in while navigating normally mundane tasks. For this special Halloween-themed advertisement, a group of trick-or-treaters pays Baker and his wife Emily a visit. Instead of giving out candy like a normal house, Baker opts to give the kids a classic gameday staple: nachos. While it makes sense Baker would have no shortage of nachos to hand out given that his “home” is a football stadium, the trick-or-treaters aren’t very happy.    

Reese’s – “A Better Place”

Everyone has a go-to Halloween candy that they look out for each year. For many people, that candy is none other than a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Reese’s always ups their marketing push around this time of year to remind us all of this classic Halloween snack. This year, Reese’s has put out another short and sweet spot in the style of their previous ads voiced by Will Arnett. He reminds us of a haunting statistic – millions of Reese’s go missing every year. But nobody is worried about it, because as Arnett tells us, “they’re in a better place”.

IHOP – “We Could All Use a Treat”

When you think of Halloween, breakfast food might not be the first thing that jumps to your mind. IHOP hopes to change that with their newest Halloween commercial showcasing their lineup of fall-themed seasonal items. The commercial plays out by announcing that everyone is welcome to try their slate of fall-flavored items, highlighting a group of diners in Halloween costumes enjoying the new menu. From all kinds of new pancakes to a mummy burrito, IHOP wants you to know that they’re all in on the Halloween spirit this year. 

Snickers – “Bite-Size Halloween”

While Reese’s is a Halloween candy powerhouse, Snickers absolutely belongs in the same conversation. Just like Reese’s, Snickers often puts out a yearly Halloween commercial to remind adults which candy to pick up at the store for trick-or-treaters. In this year’s Snickers advertisement, a group of trick-or-treaters is followed up by a woman in a bear costume, who doesn’t seem to realize she’s not a real bear. She rummages through the trash hoping to get the attention of the man handing out none other than Snickers candy bars. She eventually accomplishes her goal and enjoys her Halloween treat. 

Whether you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating or attending a costume party, everyone loves getting into the Halloween spirit. These are just a few of our favorite spooky seasonal marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in partnering with a team that can assist with your marketing campaign, look no further than TriSpark Media. Reach out to our team of talented advertisers and marketers who can work with you to help your business stand out among the rest.