Top Marketing Trends for 2022

As society advances and technology evolves, businesses adopt elevated techniques for marketing goods and services. Some marketing trends become obsolete, and some remain prevalent over time. It is essential to stay on top of these marketing trends as they shift each year. Knowing the best practices for marketing moving into 2022 could prove to be highly beneficial if you are a business owner, marketer, or ad specialist.

Video Marketing
With the introduction of TikTok and reels into the social media sphere, It is no surprise that the need for video marketing has skyrocketed. Plus, video editing is easier than ever with easily accessible applications and software. There are many ways to distribute a marketing video, whether on a website, through a TV commercial, or on a popular social media platform. Because Instagram and TikTok support many users worldwide, professionals have developed short-form videos for these platforms to market their products and services to a more extensive audience base. Videos can consistently communicate a single message across various platforms; therefore, they have become a popular marketing staple moving into the new year.

Personalized Marketing
This marketing practice has been around for a while, yet it remains essential for field professionals. Personalized marketing involves identifying the consumer’s objective. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including tracking clicked links, purchase history, and survey responses, to name a few. Businesses have assumed a human-centered marketing approach rather than resorting to whatever is economically feasible or technologically viable. In other words, they are utilizing user-generated content to target real people.

Mobile-First Marketing
Mobile devices make shopping, browsing, and entertainment more accessible than ever, making mobile-first marketing a necessity for businesses and brands alike. This shift involves designing content that is suitable for viewing on mobile devices.
These design decisions can be seen in a variety of marketing content today. Marketing videos are often filmed vertically, social media stories now house advertisements and video games serve as an avenue for marketers to reach consumers.

Social Media Marketing
Nearly everyone has some form of social media; therefore, marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok is extremely useful for building a brand community. Paid social media ads are capable of reaching numerous audience groups. Additionally, marketers can use data analytic tools provided by social media platforms to track engagement, demographics, campaign success, and more.

Marketing trends are constantly changing, so brands and businesses must align their marketing practices with the latest trends. Are you looking to up your marketing game? The creatives at TriSpark Media are here to help. Contact us today, and our team will help you craft unique content that drives consumer interest using the latest marketing strategies.