Benefits of Creating and Distributing a Monthly Newsletter

It is a common marketing practice for businesses and organizations to distribute newsletters regularly. Whether print or digital, newsletters are an easy way to connect with your brand community. You may be wondering, should my business have a monthly newsletter? What would be the purpose? This blog will touch on the various benefits of distributing a monthly newsletter. It will include some tips and tricks for creating visually stunning and authentic newsletters for your brand.

Communication & Credibility

Newsletters are a great way to share news and information. Newsletters can serve internal purposes and keep employees up to date on company policies, upcoming events, and featured information. Internal newsletters are also a great way to strengthen camaraderie and show that your employees are valued. Additionally, newsletters are an effective medium to communicate with your customers and audience base. Newsletters are rhetorical tools that brands can use to inform, entertain, or persuade consumers. Furthermore, newsletters build trust with your audience and show that you care for them as an organization.

Delivery & Multimodality

Whether sending your newsletters via email or distributing them in print, brands can quickly deliver newsletters to recipients. Marketing tools such as Mailchimp provide easy-to-use templates and straightforward ways of emailing your newsletters to customers. Emailed newsletters can take on many forms like video, slideshow, or text. They can include essential hyperlinks connecting your customers to more information about your services and products. If you are not a fan of the templates provided by email marketing platforms, you can create your newsletters using design platforms like Canva. Newsletters can also be delivered in print. This delivery method avoids spam blockers and adds a personal touch when communicating with employees and customers.

Tips and Tricks

Creating visually stunning and authentic newsletters can be a simple process. First and foremost, you should consider your audience. Consider what your newsletter recipients would want to see and hear about and align your content accordingly. Next, be sure to follow your company’s brand guidelines. Using your brand’s fonts, colors, and messaging will ensure your newsletters are consistent with your brand identity. Finally, be sure your newsletter is brief and concise and includes visuals. Your audience will more likely engage with a newsletter that is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing than one that is exceptionally long and all text.

Almost anyone in the marketing profession will tell you the importance of actively communicating with your audience, and newsletters effectively accomplish this objective. Newsletters are yet another way to build rapport with your company’s key stakeholders, and they are relatively simple to produce and distribute. If you are interested in partnering with a team that can help you launch a monthly newsletter, contact Trispark Media. Our talented marketing and advertising professionals can add some creative spark to your business and help you stand out among the rest!