Communication Etiquette in the Virtual Community

Communication is like the grease that keeps the wheels turning. Being an excellent communicator can help you land that first job, better curate your social posts or establish a new network of friends. Understanding the ins and outs of communicating properly can separate you from other applicants or help you be a more effective employee. […]

Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Reviews elicit mixed emotions from many business owners; it’s a daunting feeling to have your business critiqued by people. Potential customers often look through reviews to help guide their decision-making process, therefore, keeping an eye on the feedback you receive is an important factor when running a business. Here are a few tips to keep […]

Millennial Minded

Millennials seem to be every marketer’s dream and/or worst nightmare. They know when they are being marketed to and they are aware of their power over businesses but on the plus side they are loyal consumers. Here are a few things to keep in mind, if your demographics are going to involve marketing to this […]

Connecting to your Customers

Your primary goal while in business should be to build relationships with as many customers as you can. There are many ways to gain customers, but the tricky part is mastering how to keep customers. Here are a few tips that could help you keep customers and potentially create a loyal connection with them: INNOVATE […]

5 Social media tips for the new year

Social media is undoubtedly the best marketing tool for brands to have at their disposal in this day and age. Social media allows brands to publicize new and upcoming projects, while communicating with their audience in a  more personal setting for building better interpersonal connections. If your brand hasn’t started using social media, you’re missing […]

How can your company market to baby boomers?

Baby Boomers are what most marketers consider the older and out of touch generation. Although some companies tend to prefer marketing to millennials, fifty-percent of the United States population will be over the age of 50 in a few years. While baby boomers aren’t marketers first choice, unlike millennials, Baby Boomers have a large amount of […]

How to achieve brand loyalty ?

Achieving loyalty from customers is a daunting task. Within every industry, there are marketing strategists trying to create an unbreakable connection between customers and the brand. Brand loyalty is becoming increasingly challenging because of the saturated industries vying for the same customers. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, brands have to step up their game […]

Markers of a Great Worker

Business owners have an obligation to hire not only qualified employees but employees with the best attitude and right characteristics to adequately accent their business. Although finding the right employee is the primary goal, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher the capability and potential of a possible employee. Many companies have tactics to help […]

Messaging in Meetings

Contrary to popular belief, we are not slaves to our technological devices. Checking our Twitters, Facebook, Snapchats, and even emails during meeting can definitely be avoided with some discipline. We really have to ask ourselves, “Where do we draw the line between professional and unprofessional smartphone usage?” The key to that answer is time and […]

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